Digital Marketing Budget
How to Easily Calculate Your Digital Marketing Budget for 2021

Digital marketing is a necessity of the business today, you can’t survive in the marketplace without proper implementation of the marketing strategy. The big question here, how much you are going to invest in your digital marketing campaign. The percentage calculator can be a great help in estimating your digital marketing budget. You are bound to invest in your digital marketing campaign to advertise your brand in the marketplace.

In this article, we are discussing how you can calculate your digital marketing budget, what amount you can reserve for this purpose.

Previous return on investment(ROI):

This is a good way to track down your previous year’s return on investment. The greatest thing about digital marketing, you can figure out all your previous views, clicks, and what is your return on investment(ROI). People running already digital marketing campaigns can calculate their ROI result by a percent calculator. What they gathered after a year-long digital marketing campaign, you can find the points where you need more investment, and which campaign you require little investment in. For example, if there is 128 % as the average ROI from your content marketing campaign and 40% from email marketing, you will reconsider your digital marketing strategy to invest in e-mail marketing. The percent increase calculator would help you to find the increase in the profit margin per enum.

Define your goals and KPI:

Make a strategy, how much you are going to invest in each of the digital marketing platforms according to your goals, and define your key performance indicators (KPI). There are some of your goals in your mind. How to raise your sales? How to increase awareness of your brand? These factors can be great for deciding your target. Digital marketing managers may wonder how to find the percentage of investment for each forum. It would help you to decide how much you’re going to invest in each of your campaigns. For example, what you are going to invest in on social media, to carry out your campaign on Facebook. What are you going to invest in the PPC campaign, how are you going to generate fresh and informative content? A  Percentage calculator can be helpful to decide how much you are going to increase in the percentage of each of your campaigns.

SEO and your budget : 

SEO can be one of the most effective ways for brand awareness. It is estimated that Google processes around 3.5 billion searches every day. That is a bit surprising for you, then what is the impact of remaining on the first page of the google search engine. Millions of new users will learn about you if you have value for their searched problem, these users can be your potential customers. You have to develop a separate portion of your budget for your SEO campaign, a percentage calculator assists to calculate the percentage of your budget for your SEO campaign.

People think they can get the result from an SEO campaign in a short time. It is a continuous effort and requires time and effort. When you arrange your SEO campaign based on specialized keywords, then you can find your target audience easily. SEO is a way to find your target audience. Sometimes it is confusing how to calculate percentages of your investment on your SEO campaign and your PPC campaign.

Research has shown that when you invest in your digital marketing campaign, you usually earn double from your investment. Our free online percentage calculator is, no doubt, the best way to get a proper idea about the profits you need to earn corresponding to the investments you made.

21 Smart Ways To Get More YouTube Subscribers  
21 Smart Ways To Get More YouTube Subscribers  

In today’s digital world, we are overwhelmed with information bombs. There are tons of data available just a click away on phones, PCs, and tablets. And videos act as a savior! Finally, you get a personalized, engaging, and multimedia collection in one place. 

Do you know YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google? Further, YouTube is highly popular amongst people. You can make out by looking at these facts:

According to Statista, YouTube has 2.3 billion active users per month.

Youtube has one billion watch hours every day.

So, every business can make use of YouTube to interact with users. You can get a regular pool of users by boosting the number of subscribers. The more the subscribers are on your channel, the higher the impact on other users. It establishes your brand authority at first sight. We’ll discuss innovative ways to increase your subscribers.

What are the Smart ways to get more YouTube Subscribers?

You may think subscriber numbers don’t matter. But is it so? Any new subscriber gets curious about channel content after seeing millions of subscribers. However, it doesn’t build all of a sudden. Therefore, developers and marketers need to be consistent in their approach.

Some people follow the black-hat ways like purchasing subscribers. YouTube keeps on updating its algorithm to sniff such methods. Such channels get blocked after some time. Indeed, there is no free lunch in the market. You can’t earn subscribers for free. It requires strategy and continuous efforts. 

Follow these methods to achieve more subscribers:

# The First Impression is the last

Customers decide in the first few seconds of the video to watch the full video or not. Impressive starting will lead to an increase in watch hours. So how to make a video beginning interesting?

● A question to put viewers in thinking mode.

● Include a famous quote that relates to your topic.

● Forceful delivery with excitement.

● High energy short clips or music related to the brand. 

# Attractive and unique thumbnail

Users see many YouTube search results when they enter a query. Now, a question arises! User will click on which one of the video URLs? Thumbnail is the deciding factor as it influences the mind of the user. You can create thumbnails as:

● Include a picture in the thumbnail that relates to the topic.

● You can illustrate one or two benefits of video.

● Graph showing trends in your niche.

● Copy and paste thumbnails are boring.

# Client-Specific Description and Title

Description and Title are the central parts of your video. Do you know that YouTube Title is visible everywhere? Let it be all search engines, below thumbnail, and while playing video. The thoughtful and compelling thumbnail will take you a long way.

The description tells users what the video is about. Viewers refer to the description to know more about the video. Designing Title and description:

● Think about how video titles can help the viewers. Also, it should be engaging.

● See what the titles of the previous popular videos are. It means users are finding them relevant.

● Description can include minutes of the videos. It may cover subtopics of the video along with their timings.

You can optimize keywords in your description and Title for better results. However, it must address the pain points of the target audience. Also, you can take the help of SEO company India to design a suitable description and Title for the video.

# Put the link to related videos at the end.

You might have created many videos. You can boost related videos by putting their link there. It will serve two purposes:

● First, some customers want to know more about the topic. They can click on the video link and find more content on that.

● Second, you can increase traffic on other videos. It will increase the watch hours of related videos as well.

● You will attract users with similar interests to your videos.

# Find creative ways to add a Subscribe button.

How and where to Subscribe button? Answering this question will automatically increase subscribers on your channel. There are a few amusing moments in the video where you can link to the subscribe button. Also, you can put this button at the beginning and end of the video. You can invite the attention of the viewers to subscribe by telling them.

# Optimize tags in the video

Tags are a crucial part of video SEO. Whenever a user puts a query, YouTube verifies the tags. Some videos come below the related videos. These videos appear because of YouTube tags. Optimize your tags by:

● First, put all the tags that are directly related to video information. 

● Then, find out what are the LSI keywords of your subject.

● Use tags in phrases, not single words. It helps search engines to understand the context of the video better.

● Find out what is the latest update in creating YouTube tags.

# Put interactive moments in the video.

Use innovative ways to improve user interaction. For example, you can ask users to answer specific questions and mention them in the comments. They’ll feel involved. 

Moreover, short stories make users imagine. It helps users relate to what you’re saying. Finally, infographics and short clips make your content easy to grab. 

# Add background music that matches with emotions.

Music has been present in human culture for ages. Why? The human mind can interlink emotions with music. 

You can add music according to whatever information you want to convey. For example, music will amplify sadness, happiness, fear, surprise, and other emotions. 

# Select relevant background 

People take background lightly while designing videos. But, experiences can make or break your video. If users find your background soothing, they’ll like the video concept. So, they’ll subscribe and share with others. 

# Lights enhance your presentation.

Lights make your videos more enjoyable to watch. A well-lit surrounding makes your video impactful. Use front lights to put stress on certain elements.

Background lights help in enhancing the effect of the video. You can use a combination of red, green, and blue lights. However, it is better to use them individually as well.

# Provide Quality Content

Meaningful content is the foremost requirement for getting more subscribers. Video having quality content has a much higher impact. On the other hand, video what crap information can play havoc with your reputation.

So, select your subject carefully. See what videos are already there in the market? Make a list of these topics. Now, analyze how you can add value to these topics. If you find some issues uncovered, you can make videos on those as well.

# Recheck your editing to perfection

Edit is the crucial part of making videos. If you upload videos with flaws in them, users will not listen to your channel again. Indeed, a significant risk! Cross-check for any loopholes in the video by:

● Remove any pauses and breaks in the video.

● You might be stretching the topic. It is better to increase the speed of the video at these moments.

● Add subtitles to the video to make it more understandable.

# Keep a check on the latest trends in videos. 

Videos keep on evolving with time. Therefore, live stream videos are trending in the market. Moreover, people watch live videos more than regular videos. Consequently, it can earn you more subscribers and followers.

People are watching short video stories like hotcakes. Viewers get to know the central idea of your message instantly. You can advertise and add a company story. Or you can explain anything new in your market with short video stories. 

# Create playlists for a topic on the same subject

Playlists help users in finding all the videos on the subject. When they play one video, they get directed to another video in the playlist. So, playlists serve your clients better. And it even earns you more viewers.

# Encourage comments and feedback.

You can encourage people to give comments and feedback in the comments section. They are beneficial in increasing customer involvement. Further, it is necessary to provide replies to these comments. In this way, customers will feel connected with you.

# Boost YouTube videos with email marketing

You can promote YouTube videos with email marketing. With artificial intelligence, you can find what users who are looking for similar videos and products are. So, promoting your video on an email list will increase subscribers on your channel.

 # Build engaging channel introduction

Impressive channel introduction is the first point of attracting target viewers. Next, you can tell viewers what the type of videos you’re going to post is. So, you can give a brief description of your channel in its introduction.

# Video trailer arouses the curiosity of viewers.

Before posting a new video, the trailer helps in increasing its reach. Trailers are easy to watch. You can share it across all social media platforms. It is a direct source of bringing new viewers to your channel.

# Add Youtube links on related blogs and articles.

 Blogs and articles are the best way to communicate with readers. If you have a website, upload a video-related blog over there. Otherwise, platforms like LinkedIn allow you to post articles. You can give a channel and video link with it. 

# Look out for collaborations in your field.

There could be many people making videos in your niche. And they might be looking for opportunities for collaboration and becoming better than before. Thus, look out for collaboration in your channel. In this way, you will enhance your customer base and expand your worldwide reach. 

# Work on video’s final takeaways

What is your end message? It matters the most. When you end your video with a clear-cut CTA, clients are likely to respond to it. Conclude your video with a strong CTA. It should leave a lasting effect on your viewers. You can even convert it to sales and generate revenue.


In brief, working on YouTube subscribers improves your brand recognition and online presence. If you think about it, you’ll work one day and leave the next day. Or a casual approach will be sufficient. But, no! Sincere efforts bear sweet fruit. These are the workable ways: 

● Make your thumbnail and first few seconds appealing.

● Follow the latest trends of Live and short stories videos.

● Create video content after thinking from the target viewers’ angle.

● Edit video for pauses and speed fast lengthy/boring talks.

● Last but not least, optimize Title, description, and tags.

Further, don’t end a video without giving viewers a call to action. So, which one of the strategies do you find most effective?

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Why don't you allow yourself to write
Why don’t you allow yourself to write?

By starting this blog and giving my advice, I do not pretend to become a famous writer. I have always loved writing since my childhood, like reading elsewhere. 

I ‘ wrote’ a lot for my teaching profession, in a rigid framework imposed by codes for my students to pass their exams. The desire to write came to tickle my neurons. I now need, after all these decades, to fulfill myself in what I love: writing! Could you write to me?

Man has been on earth for several million years. He has only been writing for 6000 years. The process was therefore, long. Very long. For me too.

 Fear of writing

 You do not have to be an avid reader to start writing. Reading is a plus. It is obvious to everyone and aspiring writing that it is difficult and arduous to pass the course.

 But write what? How? ‘Or’ What? Why?

These are the nagging questions that can go on and on in your heads! This quote is mine!

 We are solid and talented; I might say, to find all the possible and unimaginable excuses not to write!

When you think of “writing,” irremediably, your memories of school come back and paralyze you.

And the suffering that these forced exercises had caused to arise, then comes back to think of the word “write.”

There is absolutely no question of writing in such a rigid framework, under the guidance of teachers who do their best to apply imposed programs and exercises, the logic and interest of which escape us.

  • You hold literature in high esteem as a sacred, unattainable domain.
  • Wrongly.
  • You think of the ‘written thing’ as sacred.
  • Hence your blockages.

You are also afraid of the pen and the spelling. Ah! The spelling!

Those famous imposed dictations made you tremble just hearing the word! These essays where your teachers underlined with their beautiful red ink, your dozens of errors! In the writing exercise, How to start a Wikipedia page for someone, there is no question of becoming an ace at spelling or dictating Bernard Pivot. So much the better if this is the case.

This is not the primary purpose of writing. You also tell yourself that only writers are legitimate to write. That writing is only accessible to writers. That they alone are worthy of writing and publishing.

But, before publishing and making a living from their pen, ask yourself the question: how did they start to write?

Stephen King’s book “Memoir of a trade” recounts his long journey through the desert he endured before becoming a consecrated and recognized author. This will be the subject of an article later. And in your eyes, the biggest fear is to be judged. In the beginning, who will read your texts? You are a beginner; you are entitled to imperfections. You have the right to improve, to progress, to make mistakes.

All of this is part of your educational, family, or social heritage. We are all afraid of the unknown—fear of exposing ourselves to our emotions which, inevitably, will resurface while writing. But, there is worse than fear—the renunciation.

False pretexts for not writing

I guess the first excuse that will pop up is ‘I don’t have time. I used this excuse on myself for many years. You can always find the time. You need to rearrange your schedule, watch less TV (for what it’s interesting!) And give up your laptop a little. The other big excuse is comparing yourself to others. Worse, to compare yourself to recognized authors. You are YOU, new to writing, just like me. It takes a start.

 Do you believe that champions, all categories combined, have become champions overnight? Writing is training. Miracle recipes do not exist.

 Do you really believe that writers have learned to write?

We know, moreover, that many writers have never learned to write other than by reading a lot and blackening paper. Another excuse is not being able to write when you want to. The solution: have practical support, like a notebook or a tablet, and you can write everywhere. To any difficulty, there is always a solution.

Another big excuse that’s holding you back: not going as fast as you’d like. As I wrote above, writing is an activity that takes training, endurance, willpower, and practice. Here is another excuse that can go round and round in your head: ‘in my head, it was good, but on the page, it is not anymore’ Is that bad?


It’s part of learning. No learning is easy. It would be clear to me, who has been learning Spanish, for example, for 3 years, and who is just starting to formulate basic sentences! Do you think running away is the best solution? Especially when you have wanted to write…. for a long time! For so long…. Writing is always associated with taking risks, which is not easy. I grant you.

Dare to write

Your desire to write must become a happy practice, a project to be completed, or a challenge that you take on yourself. There is no question of suffering in this activity. First, you need to take your time. Think about how to start and how to go about it. Perhaps, you will enroll in a writing workshop set up in your town. Good initiative.

You start with short texts or a few sentences here and there. If you want, you can write these few lines on post-it notes and stick them in various places around your house. Your family will undoubtedly enjoy reading them and will even be surprised to discover this talent in your home.

Write down what makes you happy.

Write about your children.

  • On your garden.
  • On a memory.
  • In the coming spring.


It is not necessary to have something to say absolutely. The goal from the start is not to write a bestselling novel. By writing about what makes you happy, you will let your emotions run free without realizing it.

  • Writing is learning to capture your emotions.
  • Writing is a practice that will help you express yourself.
  • To put the language, you speak at a distance.
  • To dare to confront yourself.
  • To dare to confront the judgment of others.

Your training should be regular, even daily. The best way to learn to write is indeed to practice writing every day. A little bit. Step by step. Remember the famous adage:

 By practicing your writing for a few minutes each day, you will notice progress fairly quickly. Write by hand willingly than on the computer, Wikipedia page creator as often as possible.

This will allow you to be in tune with your body and to consider this practice as rehabilitation. Or a meditation.

The benefits of writing

Practiced regularly, writing produces some prodigious effects.

  • It makes reading easier.
  • It softens your intellect.
  • It increases your vocabulary.
  • She chisels your observation.
  • It strengthens your argument.
  • It deploys your reasoning.
  • It elucidates a complex reality.
  • She develops an idea.
  • It develops your imagination.
  • She exposes a problem.
  • It allows you to overcome this problem.
  • She checks your knowledge.
  • It paves the way for expanding your knowledge.
  • It familiarizes you with the lexicon, the syntactic turns.
  • It allows you to be more creative.
  • It colors your existence with language.
  • It allows you to take a healthier distance from events in your life or the world.
  • It enables you to distance yourself from your disturbed or painful states.
  • It allows you to get to know yourself better.
  • It forces you to concentrate.
  • It shows you how you are progressing, which is a great thing.
  • She makes you learn about yourself.
  • It teaches you to think.
  • It allows you to free yourself.

By writing, you free yourself from a lot of weight. You are pouring out your overflow, which often prevents you from moving forward. It will be the miracle of your transformation through writing.

If you write in the morning, you feel free to welcome a new day. If you write in the evening, you won’t ruminate over the worries of the day all night long.

Writing requires you to:

  • · organize your thinking,
  • · design
  • · plan
  • · specify
  • · refine
  • · program
  • · adjust your ideas
  • · Choose your words, etc.


Through your writings, you will express yourself without being influenced by the media or those around you.

 Writing as an act of freedom

  • Write down what makes you happy.
  • It doesn’t matter that what you’re saying isn’t perfect.
  • The main thing is that you take the pen.
  • Let your imagination be free.
  • She might surprise you.
  • Exactly, let yourself be surprised.
  • Writing is a work of self-transformation.
  • Give yourself this opportunity.
  • Forget the constraints.
  • Forget about school.
  • Forget the others.
  • Think of you.
  • Only up to you.

Writing is an adventure.

  • With yourself.
  • Try it.
  • Do not miss this pleasure and this freedom.

There is no longer time to waste for you: set sail for the sublime ocean of words to come.

Well Known Web Design Company
Well Known Web Design Company

Design is the method of gathering concepts & aesthetically arranging and implementing them. Certain ideas for a particular function guide them. Web design is an identical strategy of creation, intending to present the content on electronic web pages, which the end-users can access by the internet with the assistance of an online browser. The web design company overall talked about the terms when discussing websites.

So web design companies optimize usability, pace, search engine optimization, and conversion, partnering with you to design slick and arranged website UI that creates frictionless expertise.  Customers will spend solely break up seconds excited about methods to navigate. And you were permitting them to focus exclusively on your message, the worth of your calls to action, and engagement business.

That specialized in web development, website design, logo design, domain registration, content writing, Search Engine Optimisation, e-commerce solution, and graphic designing.


  •  Web Design Company can now create some newer concepts.
  • Web Design Company’s all the time with you to boost the product’s market.
  • Provide you with sufficient space to promote your product within the current environment.

You’ll want to work with the perfect.

That’s why we’ve organized this listing of the ideal web design companies within the business. So you may search by the cream of the crop and discover the company that works greatest for your brand.

Web Design Company will think about every part from the color scheme to navigation and every part in between to create a website design. That’s good for your firm. So they’ll talk with you each step of how to make sure that the website appears and looks like your model.

Web Design Company will create a simple, easy-to-use, direct, and cost-effective approach to designing your website.

It is up to date with your online business.

Here web design companies will deliver top-quality web design and along with web development.


If you’re searching for reliable firms to shortlist for getting e-commerce web design services, then WebExperts offers the very best e-commerce web solution. Web Design Company has been serving the business of web site development all around the world for greater than a decade, which has offered web solutions to dynamic variation websites. Previously, we’ve developed websites starting from blog websites to informational websites. And e-commerce websites to online services solutions.

Hence we assure you to give you probably the most easily working google. And customer-friendly e-commerce website to show your products and enhance your small business effectively. Each buyer is handled individually and is supply with customized solutions in keeping with the model: focused viewers and different related specifications. Our e-commerce website design and development services are low-cost and affordable. That can cater to all kinds of companies, whether or not large or small. Whereas the quality hits the roof, the value stays on the ground so that you can conveniently get the perfect result at the lowest possible price.